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As far as foreign language groups and congregations go, there now 5 English congregations and several groups in Costa Rica. There is 1 Chinese Group in the San Jose area.LESCO, Lenguaje de Senas Costarricense, the Sign Language of Costa Rica, is growing as well. There are now at least 5 congregations and several groups established all over the country.
Quepos, Costa Rica
From costa Rica (Dial) 2777-0428 or 8638-7557 ;
From outside of Costa Rica (Dial) 011-506-2777-0428 or 011-506-8338-6395 or on Magic Jack 731-924-2230 in the USA

Our Kingdom Hall in Quepos behind the Pali Supermarket. This Hall is home to 4 congregations. 3 Spanish, the Norte, Sur and the Este, and the Quepos English congregation. Roughly 250 publishers in total, we had almost 750 in attendance for the Memorial 2009.
The boys, Max and Jack are 7 and 5 years old. Max is a publisher and had his first Bible Reading talk in October. The goal in moving our family to CR was to help the boys learn Spanish. They now speak more Spanish than English. They attend the public school and are the only American kids enrolled this year. Here they are, getting ready for their part in the drama in 2007. They were children in the marketplace, their mom, a seller and their dad a very old man that counseled Gehazi.

CR# 8638-7557 | USA# 731-924-2230 | Skype mateo4191 | E-mail info@costarica-jw.com